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That whore, speak of the devil, I must say
Run away, run away
It's not worth the painstaking trouble you've endured
You've come all this way, yeah
Another friend to let you down, another girl who's been around
The violation of all that's sacred
You'd think you'd finally learn by now, the wasted trust, the broken vows
And now you realize life isn't what you make it
One for the money and two for the show
Three to get even, and forty more miles to go
I know it's my human condition, but your endurance is as thick as your skin
And despite those miles of pain
There's an ounce of empty space
And there's something left that reels me back to you

And times like this I ask myself
Why do I keep doing this to me
And the answer is clear
Because I don't want to be alone, but now
I will not take another step until you
I'll leave it all behind, shed my disguise
I fall, I surrender
I was bad, I was wrong
I fall, I surrender


from Hypnagogia, released March 14, 2017



all rights reserved


He Dreamt of Ascension Missouri

He Dreamt of Ascension was started by Ryan Steinbruner in 2007.

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