Provisions and Other Lies You Need to Know About - Part I

by He Dreamt of Ascension

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This album was started in late 2007 and abandoned in August, 2008. Some files were lost over the years due to numerous hard drive crashes, and I have been reluctant to release the remnants due to personal convictions of its violent nature, as well its rough sound and lack of completion. I have decided to remaster the album in its entirety and release it as a three part EP. Enjoy.


released August 3, 2008



all rights reserved


He Dreamt of Ascension Missouri

He Dreamt of Ascension was started by Ryan Steinbruner in 2007.

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Track Name: Temple of Neglect
Confide in me
Abide in my name child
Come fight for me
Lie in my name child
Track Name: Bound in Human Flesh
Death has reared himself a throne
And all I loved
I loved alone
When the rest of heaven was blue
There's a demon in my view
Track Name: The Ungrateful Heart
No one can help me
No one even tried
And this time
I can't begin to describe
How miserable I've become
I don't know why
Track Name: Awaken The Season
Your corrupt
Cherubs collapse
You did such dirty things to her
The days to ponder that hideous truth
Leaves to desire more from you
Squirming around in your tight little hole
The worms call upon me to eat like you do
Things are growing in all the worst places